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Rock Climbing Railay Beach- Krabi Thailand

The Rock around Railay Beach
The rock is all limestone and is part of the worlds largest coral reef, stretching from China down to Papua New Guinea. The routes are all bolted sport climbing routes. The French grading system is used. With over 700 routes ranging from beginner 5a's to classic multipitch 6a's right up to the extremes of 8c there's enough here to keep any climber busy for years.

Climbing over Railay Beach
Getting high on Thaiwand wall- Railay Beach and Tonsai in the background

Climbing on Koh Yao Noi island
The secret is out- this place now has alot of very good routes- Only a one hour speed boat ride from Tonsai... Check out our page!

Climbing in Ao Laoliang island
Laoliang opened up to climbing in 2006. Aabout 2 hours south of Railay. Great climbs, peachy setting- a perfect escape from Tonsai high season madness. We've put up details of the climbing and some good topos. The owners have recently changed (2015) and we have had mixed reviews..

There has been a herculean effort by a hand full of very dedicated irregulars, fighting the obscenely corrosive forces of nature which have in the past been able to eat any kind of steel known to man. The guys have concluded that there only chance was an elemental switch to Titanium. Expensive, but when you are hanging upside down by your toenails 200m above the deck, there can be nothing sweeter... Shamick has written a great update here his Phi Phi Guide is also indispensable reading... Thanks Sam and Shamick!

The latest attempt to organise the rebolting into a cohesive sustainable force of rebolting goodness is being spearheaded by Josh- He's set up a site dedicated to rebolting Krabi- http://thaitaniumproject.com/
It's a fundraiser site, and probably the best place to donate cash at the moment. He has made a very nice video of rebolting and climbing in Thailand and is selling DVD's and Tshirts to fund the bolting. Checkout the taster below-

Yoga and Climbing
Dave/ yogic master/ climber/ top bloke, has set up a Yoga retreat on Koh Yao Noi and occasionally LaoLiang. He's also thinking about setting something up on Tonsai. Not to be missed check out his site for details!


Climbing on Tonsai - Railay beach Thailand
Steep and technical routes are on Tonsai beach

Railay Interactive Google Climbing Map
Just finished an interactive map that lets you click on a climbing area and zoom in for more information and pictures. View the map of Railay here. For those of you who prefer google earth, I've packaged the whole thing into a downloadable google earth map of Railey Beach.

Accommodation and how to get to Railay
Details and booking for accommodation, diving, sea kayaking, jungle trekking, cooking, elephant trekking and snorkeling, can be found in this section of the site.

Gallery of pretty pics and trips
Railay is frequented by the top names such as Chris Sharma, Francois le Grande, Lynn Hill, and Malcom Matterson we guarantee you'll be inspired. Have a look in our photo gallery for pretty pics of famous people doing silly things. I really like the floating village trip pics. Just added a Railay favorite climbs page. If anyone has a favorite with some pics, let us know.
Also check out the Railay/ Tonsai flickr slide show- tons of your great pics there!

Deep water soloing and Bouldering
Deep water soloing (DWS) has really taken off this year. We've put a page on DWS and a page on bouldering around Railay and Tonsai beach. If you have anything to add, please email us.

Climbing Courses and Guiding in Railay
These days just about everyone has there own climbing school in Railay. We work with King Climbers one of the longest running operations, who have over the years built up a reputation of being friendly safe and reliable. Details of them and their courses can be found here. If you are looking for one on one tuition, get private guiding/ coaching.

Railay Climbing Guide Books
There are several excellent climbing guide books for Railay Beach and Krabi. The latest is from King, all profits from which go to rebolting. Other good guidebooks are published by Wee and Sam Lightner, although Sam's is due for an update. The guide book featured on this site is from King Climbers, now republished in it's 8th edition, with all proceeds going to rebolting. It covers the entire Krabi/ Railay area including Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don. Go to the guide book section for more details.


Climbing on Thaiwand wall Railey Beach
Thaiwand wall 6c, Railay Beach in the background- classic stuff...