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Deep Water Soloing Around Railay Beach Thailand

Deep water soloing (DWS) fever has hit Railay Beach this year. Wee organises trips from Tonsai Beach, and the excessively strong are now coming to pull hard on pristine rock over tropical waters.

In many ways deep water soloing is the next great frontier. All you need is a pair of shoes and an absence of fear and you can go put up 10 new "routes" a day. I reckon that as word continues to spread, Railey and Tonsai will become the center of a deep water soloing Mecca... For loads more pics check out out Flickr slide show...

A couple of great shots shamelessly stolen from David Prescots fickr page. The guy must have testicles of steel..

Personally I've not had much direct experience of this, as quite frankly it scares the shit out of me. I've played on some of the lower stuff, but none of this is really in the spirit of this new form of masochism. On trips at the moment guys are climbing 30M+ and then jumping off- ahhhhhh just 5M scares me....

The inimitable WeeTo sign up for a trip, get yourself over to Wee's shop on Tonsai beach. Go there the night before you want to go, and stick your name down on the list for the next day. Wee organises the timing of the trip to coincide with the best tides, so it changes a little every day. The location of Wee's store is marked on the map. You can't miss it, it's on the middle of the beach side of the main rode which runs parallel to the beach about 200m into the jungle. You can email Wee at wee@climbing.de

Typically Wee's trips last half a day, and include lunch and some chalk. He also rents out shoes and chalk bags, although the shoes are understandably not in the best condition. If you're lucky he may rent you his good shoes, but he usually only does this on special occasions, such as the monthly shoe washing day...


Access to the rock can be direct from a kayak (Wee usually takes one on his trips), or more awkwardly ropes have been hung in places, originally by the birds nest collectors or fishermen. Climbing the fixed ropes is harder then it looks, and if you are looking for the ultimate ab workout then this is probably it....

Wee knows all the best spots, tricks and tips for getting high and surviving. His shop/ bar is a good place to hang out, and you can check out videos of soloing very high and hard. His trips are great fun, and should be done at least once.

Wee also has snorkeling gear for those who just want to hang out, watch and swim.

Just remember to keep your legs together, and your arms tight buy your sides, Other wise it can really hurt....

Once you've know where to go you could hire a kayak and spend the day working on any projects you may have discovered, or you may just want to spend your hours learning to walk on water....


There is great potential for deep water Soloing all along the cliffs from Ao Nang to Tonsai. There are amazing roofs, which brush the water line for 20M before soaring to suicidal possibilities. Then there is a cornucopia of outlying islands and cliffs, virginal and waiting to be er climbed... Get on Wee's trip, or rent a kayak!

If anyone would like to contribute or add to this page then please email me any pics/ stories/ new routes to:
info atsign railay.com.

Deep water soloing Railey Beach Thailand
That red and blue dot at the top is Casey jumping. crazy bastard. (from chansoobak blog)

Below is a most excellent map of deep water Soloing around Railey beach which I found on Matt Maddaloni's site. He used to publish the map and a list of route descriptions, and now is trying to sell his guide book. I've not read it, but if someone has- please email or post a review...

Map of deep water soloing climbing routes around Railey Beach Thailand