Welcome to Railay Thailand!

Welcome to Railay Thailand

Pictures of the Tsunami / sea surge hitting Railay

We have done a separate page of the pictures of Ao Nang and Railay a couple of days after the tsunami here

Pictures of the Tsunami/ sea surge from Bjørnar Tomassen

Somebody kindly posted these on our forum. If you have any more, please send them to info@railay.com Thanks for this. The full article written by his climbing partner can be found here.

Surge/ wave coming into Sunset beach and beyond Surge hits sunset beach

Bjørnar must of been 2 or three pitches up on Thaiwand Wall. Would have been a strange sight.
Surge hits Tonsai Beach Surge sites sunset beach

surge hits Tonsai  beach Railay Bay Beach Bar

Railay Bay seafood stand?
I'm guessing these aftermath pictures must have been taken from the climbers after they got down from the cliff. The first looks like Railay Bay, with the addition of a longtail boat in the bar.
The second looks like the bit where they put the fish out the front of Railay Bay restaurant (hard to tell though)

This picture by Samuel Nicols came off the 8a.nu site. There is also a great first hand account by the photographer.
Tohai Beach? by Samuel Nicols

Got this amazing sequence of Railay Beach from a Norwegian news paper. This paper has an amazing amount of stories about Railay. Must have been someone working for the paper staying in Railay. Only trouble is that it is all in Norwegian....

Tomas kindly wrote us that all of the people are safe and back in Sweden. It is two families with
their children. There is an article about it here.
Wave hits Railay Beach

These two pictures are from Anja Dekkers and Marco Broeders. They were actually at sea waiting for the Phi Phi express boat, and somehow managed to get to safety when they saw it coming. The first picture is longtail carnage outside Railay Village Resort, and the second is taken up at diamond cave, where everyone spent the night after rumors of another imminent "100m" wave...

Here are some more pics from another Norwegian site
Long tail Carnage at Tonsai Beach

Ton Sai Beach looking like a mess. The Freedom bar is still standing, just...

Climbers help a boatman get his engine back in the boat.

The following pictures were shamelessly stolen from fantasy-divers.de
Picture of the spray from the wave hitting the Ao Nang sea wall.Ao Nang gets hit
The Longtails were never designed for waves. This is around the corner from Ao Nang, which became more of a longtail grave yard then harbor
Ao Nang
Ao Nang Beach right after the wave hit. Messy but not too bad.
Ao Nang Beach
Ao Nang beach road right after the Wave hit. Messy but no real damage.

Another picture of Ao Nang beach right after the wave.

Ao Nang beach a couple of days ago
Ao Nang Beach a couple of days ago