Welcome to Railay Thailand!

Welcome to Railay Thailand

Railay and Ao Nang after the Tsunami / sea surge

Dec 31 Pictures
Finally got someone to shoot a roll of film of Railay. These following Pictures were taken on December 31. (Took 5 days to get them developed, scanned and up loaded- things just don't happen quickly when you want them to....) Apologies for the lack of perfection in the pics, It was just a disposable camera, but you should be able to get the gist of things...

By the end of the day, things were back to normal.

When we started taking Pictures everyone was busy finishing the clean up. Mostly longtail boats.

When they are motivated, the boatmen don't take long to to make repairs.

Climbers and locals help to dig the boats out of the sand.

Next time we come past the tide is coming in and they are just putting the engine back on. By the time the tide was in, they were ready.

Some of the guys finishing the clean up in the morning.

Railay Bay pool, now clean, slowly fills up.

Railay Bay restaurant with new furniture and guests.

Railay Bay restaurant and beach path

Railay Bay Bar and restaurant (sunset side). With the clean up over, guests taking it easy in the sun.

Railay Bay bungalows closest to the beach were not affected.

The path through Railay Bay bungalows, looking towards sunrise. The surge did not make it this far.

Sand and Sea bungalows/ beach path

Sand and Sea Bungalows

Railay Village Restaurant

Railay Beach club- even the houses on the beach are ok.

The sunrise side was not really affected

Sunrise restaurant open for business

Boats running as normal from the Sunrise side.

By the end of the day, the beach was clear of any sign of the sea surge.

Railay Sunset beach looking as beautiful as ever, without the usual high season crowds.

Dec 29 Pictures
Well we managed to get loads of pictures of Ao Nang, but our Railay Photographer has proved rather unreliable. We should be getting more Railay pictures today. Most of the pictures below were in fact shamelessly stolen from fantasy-divers.de

Railay Sunset beach looking sublime minus the crowds

BoBo's restraint with some new furniture. Everyone's favorite New Scholar Coffee shop in the background still serving perhaps the best beach coffee in the world.

Railay Village restaurant open for business

Sunrise side was not really affected by the wave. My old favorite YaYa's is right on Sunrise Beach. (King Climbers in the distant background). Looks like the phones are working again to.

Coming into Railay Sunrise beach.. The boats are running again.

View Point, as everywhere on the Sunrise side, was not really affected.

Now lots of pictures of Ao Nang Beach road and Ao Nang beach, the same as always but a lot less crowded. High season weather and low season crowds and prices.