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Railey Beach Dive Courses and booking
Diving around railey beach

Discover Suba Diving (1 Day) 4,500 Baht
This one day course allows the complete novice to gain the basic skills necessary for safe diving and includes two dives to max depth of 12m. If you have limited time, this experience will open your eyes to our underwater world

Scuba Diver (2 Days) 9,500 Baht
Don’t have time for the open water course? This limited certification course teahes you the fundamentals and can be upgraded to an open water certification. Includes two open water training dives.

Open Water (3-4 Days) 13,900 Baht
This is it! This certification course teaches you to be a proactive confident safe diver. Theory video and pool training combine with four ocean dives leaves you ready to dive anywhere in the world with confidence.

Just For Kids! - The Bubblemaker (1/2 Day) 8 years old+ (2,500Baht)
This program is designed for young people to experience the thrills of breathing air underwater. With a PADI professional the skills of Scuba are explained, then it’s off to the pool for the adventure of a lifetime, in complete control and safety. Allows the parents a quiet morning/afternoon, with the knowledge that your child is receiving quality care and supervision.

Advanced Openwater (2 Days) 10, 900 Baht
To further your diving safety and enjoyment this course takes you beyond the fundamentals and makes you a more confident diver. Five more dives with a PADI instructor includes deep, wreck, navigation and multi-level dives.

Emergency First Response EFR (1 Day) 4,900 Baht
Learn the proper procedures for giving emergency care to victims of accidents or illness. The course includes AR and CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation training.

PADI Rescue Diver (2-3 Days) 13,900 Baht
Learn the proper procedures for giving emergency care to victims of accidents or illness. The course includes pool training, two ocean dives, classroom AR and CPR training.

Divemaster (from 2-3 weeks) from 25,000Baht
Designed to sharpen your diving skills to demonstrate quality, gain a professional level, understanding of diving theory and learn how to organize, supervise and teach diving activities.

Enriched Air Nitrox (2 Days) 8,500 Baht
Qualify to use enriched air (Nitrox) for no-stop recreational diving. The program addresses the use of enriched air with 22percent to 40 percent oxygen. Dive Nitrox and get longer, better dives!

If you wish to book one of our courses, then just contact us

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